The end of Empire – A late Vijayanagar Trail


About the Tour

Kalyanis, palaces, temples, and a hill fort: Penukonda is an under-appreciated, forgotten, almost forsaken mini-Hampi. Walk the ruins of the town that served as the capital of the once-mighty Vijayanagar Empire. An important outpost of the kingdom even in the empire’s heydays, here you can see the gamut of Vijayanagar architecture from its zenith to its days of decline.

Join Carnelian for a one-day visit of Penukonda to savour its stories of itinerant fakirs and legends of hidden treasure, its numerous temples, its Jain bastis and its syncretism.


What to expect

  • Travel from Bangalore and back on the same day in an air conditioned private coach, 3 hours each way.
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunch and snacks.